As more and more World of Warcraft players reach the end end game levels of the latest expansion, Battle for Azeroth, the PvP is starting to heat up. This expansion promises to be the most engaging in terms of player versus player (PvP) combat with plenty of targets to go around on both the Horde and Alliance side. Among one of the biggest additions with the Battle for Azeroth expansion is the “Warmode” feature. By turning on “Warmode” you can engage any player of the enemy faction who also has it enabled as well as open yourself up to enemy player attacks. This makes fighting over treasure chests and rare monster spawns a whole lot of fun.

What are your rules of engagement out in the world of Azeroth when you see enemy faction players roaming with Warmode enabled?

What are your rules of engagement when encounter enemy faction players in Warmode?
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To boost PvP even further – Warfronts are also releasing very soon (expected to be 9/3/2018). Here is an exciting snippet of information, courtesy of

Warfronts are a 20-man, PvE, large-scale cooperative mode meant to represent the large-scale war on the homefront, as members of each faction fight for control of a location critical to their war efforts.

Inspired by the real-time strategy (RTS) origins of Warcraft III, Warfronts allow you to play the role of a lieutenant leading the charge on the group for a massive battle. With a full group of 20 allied players, you’re responsible for creating outposts, securing resources, set-up supply lines, and train troops to push the assault forward and conquer the enemy stronghold. However, unlike in Warcraft III, you won’t be commanding the action from a top-down perspective – Instead, you will be fighting first-hand in the front lines.

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