Alex Rodriguez, Shaquille O’neal, and Magic Johnson are only some of the professional athletes getting involved in the biggest and newest sport: Competitive Video Gaming or eSports (Electronic Sports).

This past Monday, the Philadelphia 76ers along with a group of investors purchased a professional gaming team by the name of Dignitas along with Team Apex – most commonly known for their dominance in the free to play mega-hit League of Legends. In acquiring ownership in these two teams, they now enter the arena in games such as Overwatch, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Heroes of the Storm, and Smite. See the video below for more details on the growth of eSports.

Here are some interesting facts that prove the video game industry is growing strong:

  • Game Of War: Fire Age reportedly spent over $40 million on a marketing campaign that features a commercial which shows the sizzling hot Kate Upton leading troops into battle. Quite the investment.
  • Kim Kardashian released a mobile game called “Kim Kardashian Hollywood”. Reports say that the game is making $700,000 a day.
  • Flappy Bird, the mobile game released in 2013 generated about $50,000 a day from ad revenue for creator Dong Nguyen after it reached a peak in popularity in early 2014.
  • The creator of Minecraft sold his company Mojang to Microsoft for $2.5 BILLION.
  • Twitch.Tv a video game live streaming website was bought by Amazon for $1 billion.
  • YouTube gamer Felix Kjellberg, most commonly known as PewDiePie, has over 32 million subscribers to his channel which generates him approximately $4 million in revenue, a year. Check out his talents here.

*Statistics from 2014 fiscal year

Playing video games for a living isn’t as far fetched as you thought…or is it?


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