I have gradually given up on South Florida radio. I spend most of my time in traffic doing one of three things: audiobooks, podcasts, or Spotify. Radio tends to be the same 100 songs on repeat across the board. Maybe once a month I’ll tune into some of the popular stations just to catch up on the latest cool kid gossip and dance along to the 411-Pain song. One of the biggest trends now is podcasting. What is podcasting you ask? It’s recordings of people talking. Yes I know, it doesn’t sound exciting – but it is VERY entertaining if you find the right ones. Here are some recommended Miami podcasts to keep you filled with joy on your commute to work on the Palmetto.

Recently I have been pleased to find that there are a lot of homegrown podcasts hosted by fellow Miamians. Here are a few that you should check out:

Bro you got a podcast?! (Podcast / IG / FB)
Yes, that’s the name of the podcast and it is hilariously entertaining. This podcast is pretty general in it’s content and almost always features a guest speaker. You can hear talk about music, sports, politics, food, and Publix subs. The host, JP, is a clever guy with a raunchy sense of humor. I was lucky enough to be invited as guest speaker a couple of weeks ago for the February 6th Episode. If you want a good laugh while expanding your horizons – this is the one to check out!

Digital Crack (Podcast / FB)
If you know me, you know I have a chronic addiction to video games. I will seek help…after I hit Dark Zone level 50 in The Division. These guys have a great podcast dedicated to gamers. They review all the latest game releases as well as inform and speculate on the hottest upcoming titles. The podcast strikes a perfect balance between being informative and comical. Recently they interviewed the voice over artist Courtenay Taylor. She is the female voice of the main character in Fallout 4 as well as Jack in Mass Effect 3. You can check out that interview here. These guys also have a full blown gaming website which has a ton of cool stuff catered to the gaming culture (www.DigitalCrackNetwork.com)

R2 Comics Revue (Podcast / IG)
Comic books and hot girls – yes this nerd fantasy is real. These ladies have a #HitItOrQuitIt review process for their podcast where they try out new comic book releases and let you know if they’d hit it again – you know, continue reading the series or “quit it” by ignoring the comic book entirely with the excuse that they were busy,  when in fact you just saw them reading another comic book even though they said they weren’t ready to commit to a comic book… You get the point. They also have something they call the “Shitcast” episodes, which are actually anything but shitty. On these Shitcast episodes they chat about the latest shows, movies, books, that have been keeping their attention.

I suggest you guys check out these podcasts as they will definitely make sitting in rush hour Miami traffic a lot more bearable. They are funny, informative, provocative, and strange in some cases.


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