Never Underestimate Full Focus
Music evolves through the fusion of genres. Much in the same way, Nuff has evolved as an artist by combining both the diverse cultures and sounds of his hometown Miami. An abrupt change in environment during his younger years led him to put his thoughts on paper as a way to deal with the unfamiliar settings. Nuff spent the majority of his school days writing music before dropping out during his freshman year of high school. During this time, his thoughts took life in the form of music and quickly gained momentum. Practice on thousands of remixed instrumentals transformed into personal thoughts on original beats when he met Woods after going back to school and ultimately attending college for music business. After 2 years of consistent exposure to the music business, Nuff grew confident in the music and decided to switch majors to focus entirely on business. As his relationship with Woods grew, he joined forces with Six Ave Productions and continued to expand his musical library. Years later, the objective remains the same: To draw inspiration from life, and infuse it into his music in order to deliver it unto others.

Over time, Nuff has had the opportunity to collaborate with a range of different producers and artists. His bilingual skills and ability adapt to different environments have ensured a diversity in his style which is rarely duplicated.

Video Game Inspired Songs / Nuff’s Playlist Plug

This episode of Nuff's Playlist Plug is comprised entirely of video game inspired songs. Most celebrities nowadays seem to be involved with video game culture in one way or another. For example, Drake playing Fortnite with famous twitch streamer - Ninja. Some of these...

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Why did Podcasts Replace My Hip-Hop?

The movement away from original storytelling as a cornerstone has made it so that podcasts may replace my hip-hop I have been subscribed to some sort of music streaming service for as long as I can remember. I think it's amazing that for the cost of one album a month,...

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Nuff’s Playlist Plug – Upgrade your playlist

Here is some music suggestions to power up your playlist with Nuff's Playlist Plug 5 news additions with this episode of the playlist plug Genre: Hip-Hop Artist: Dizzy Wright Album: The Growing Process Song: Train Your Mind Google Music Link / YouTube Link...

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A must have list: 10 Hip-Hop and RnB Songs

By creating a playlist of hip-hop and RnB similar to this, you can right-click the playlist on Google music and play a custom radio station influenced by the playlist. This is a great way to discover new music that fits within your top 10 favorite songs. When someone...

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