If you feel like you are being sold an incomplete product, that won’t be the “complete experience” until the DLC comes out months later, then you either wait or buy another game. No one is forcing you to buy video games.

If you aren’t familiar with DLC (downloadable content) in video games, I will give you a quick breakdown of what it is and why the tears shed by so many could end the California drought overnight.

Downloadable content is additional content that is released for video games that are already on the market, for an additional fee. This content usually includes new maps, new guns, new activities and the price could range anywhere from $10 to $40.

The issue people seem to have with this is that they claim video game companies are shipping out “half completed” games and saving most of the content for DLC packages so that they can charge more money.

I have been playing video games across all consoles, including PC, for about 20 years and not once have I been “forced” to pay for anything. Gamers, like most of the more recent generation youngsters have grown entitled and spoiled. We seem to forget that video games are a form of entertainment, a hobby – and a relatively inexpensive one at that. If you don’t want to spend the money to play, then don’t. Simple as that. I have never seen any DLC content that was “required”. Not to mention, never has there been a time when video games are so cheap and easy to obtain. The free-to-play market is booming. Tons of independent developers sell great games on Steam for dirt cheap ($5-$20). Hell, you even get bundles of free games on each Sony console, every month, just for signing up for the PlayStation network.

Let’s take an example of DLC, so that we can bring this scenario to life: Destiny. Destiny is one of the games who has received the most flak for being money hungry in their sales models related to DLC. Destiny released on console on September 9th, 2014 and has already released 2 downloadable expansions with another one slated for this September of 2015. You were able to buy the first 2 expansions, both for $30. Each expansions came with tons of new guns, maps, and activities as well as a higher level cap.

bungie destiny paid dlc downloadable content season pass expansion add on

Bungie catches flak for selling so much of it’s Destiny content as paid DLC

My question is this: if you truly enjoyed Destiny, and wanted to keep playing it, would you have rather lined up to buy a whole new game titled “Destiny 2” for $60? Or would you rather pay 30 bucks, keep all your characters and progress, and unlock a bunch more cool stuff to do? I think it’s a simple answer. One could argue that they should have included some of that content in the original release. To which I would reply that maybe they should have just waited 5 years to round up all the content and release it at once, all in one game….joking. By releasing the content piece meal, they are able to test and tweak it according to the audience’s response. If you haven’t been paying attention, you should note that each expansion they have released has been better than the last.

People don’t seem to realize the way video game production and marketing works. Video game developers like Bungie (responsible for Halo franchise, as well as Destiny) are obligated to keep their staff working on projects and content. If they don’t constantly put out content, they go out of business. Or do you think once they finish developing the game, all the employees get the summer off from work so that they can go home binge on the games they created? No, they don’t. They still need to get paid and therefore they still need to work. See how it works?

For years, PC gaming dominated console gaming in the sense that PC games received continued support and expansions – something that console gaming wasn’t yet able to achieve, due to lack  functionality on the consoles. Now, developers can fix bugs and glitches with the game after launch as well as make tweaks to improve the experience for their customers. We should be thankful for this capability and the features it brings with it.

What are your opinions of paid DLC? Let us know in the comments below.

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