We live in a scary time where there is both an abundance of information and ignorance at our fingertips

The biggest advantage we have as human beings over most other creatures is the ability to learn at an accelerated rate. We have written history since the beginning of time and continue to study it religiously, quite literally. We have collected all this information and share it freely on the internet. We live in the “information age” – a period of time where you can Google just about anything and teach yourself how to do it. We have documented just about everything there is to know about each other, as far as our history goes. Yet, so many in the world continue to hurt each other, and repeat those historical mistakes. Why? Because we are born sinners? Possibly. Logically speaking however, we can hope that with with information and ignorance, one would re-mediate the other.

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Fear and Ignorance create Hate

My question however is this: Why is it that in a time with such an abundance of information in the world – so little of the information which we consume is improving us? Media outlets rarely promote any serious education – the type of education that teaches us new skills or a compassion for others in the world.  But we have to keep in mind, even the news and TV industry is a business. They have to maintain ratings. The corporations that run the stuff you watch on TV, get paid more for commercial slots if they have more people watching. It’s simple math from there.

​There is something we can control. The demand. If we refuse to consume the empty noise in the media, and instead use the abundance of FREE information, online and in books – what then? We hold the key to propel ourselves to so much more than what we are. Unfortunately sometimes we let our time be manipulated and wasted. We convince ourselves that money is a worthy investment of our time when in reality, education is really the best time spent. I am not necessarily saying that everyone should have a college degree or spend a ton of money on school. What I am saying is that we need to start spending more time looking for information that enhances us, and less time consuming information that is fed to us.

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