The gaming industry has grown to the point where a dedicated, funny, and possibly skilled player could join the millionaires of video games. Don’t let your parents tell you otherwise!

Competitive gaming is becoming more  acceptable as a sport. Recently, a Heroes of the Storm competition was broadcast on ESPN2 and stirred some controversy as to whether eSports are actually considered sports. Serious gamers are making a comfortable living doing what they love. Where are the revenue streams for a video game millionaires? Here are just a few:

  • YouTube Subscriptions and advertising: YouTube celebrity gamer PewDiePie has made millions off this method of YouTube gaming. The ads that YouTube runs pay a fee to the channel owner based on the amount of subscribers they have and views that they can generate.
  • Live streaming game play: Stream websites such as and let players host their live gameplay. Many gamers attract thousands of viewers which translates into great ad space for sponsors interested in reaching a niche market. Some viewers subscribe to a monthly fee to bypass ads and get special perks to the channels. These subscriptions are a way to generate steady income for the host gamers. Additionally, some audience members even donate money to gamers sporadically.
  • Competition and Sponsorships: Like any other sport, winning will grant you monetary gain and recognition. In 2014, DOTA 2, a well known competitive game, had the largest prize pool in gaming history sitting at $10 million. This surpassed the 2014 Superbowl. This does not include all the perks and sponsorships that these champions receive from companies such as Logitech, Nvidia, Radeon, and many other companies trying to appeal to the video game market which is the fastest growing entertainment industry.

In conclusion, video games are here to stay and their popularity as a sport is rapidly growing. Check out the documentary below which details the lavish lifestyles of some of the gaming industry’s most successful video game millionaires:

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