Video games charity is now a thing thanks to the gaming industry dominating entertainment audiences for years now. According to an article on published in December 2011:

“…the global video-game market was worth around $56 billion last year. That is more than twice the size of the recorded-music industry, nearly a quarter more than the magazine business and about three-fifths the size of the film industry, counting DVD sales as well as box-office receipts”

With this large growth of the audience, the doors have opened up for all new possibilities. Some gamers make a comfortable living by live streaming games on or running a YouTube channel exclusive to gaming content.  Amazon was among the first to seize these opportunities when it acquired in August of 2014 for approximately $970 million. Not to mention there are plenty of international video game competitive leagues filled with sponsored teams and players who make a living playing these games for sport.

Out of all these new possibilities, one has caught my eye as being the most noble. Extra-Life is a website that helps players raise funds by playing video games. The proceeds of this video game charity go to your choice of any children’s hospital that is part of the Children’s Miracle Network. In 2012 this organization brought together 17,000 gamers and raised over $2,100,000 for the cause. Take the time to check out the story about how this unique idea came into existence:

This video game charity helps gamers raise money for children’s hospitals while they play. The money goes to the the hospital of your choice and helps kids with a range of different illnesses.

I have my own channel through NuffSaid_Gaming on which includes links to these organizations. I hope to raise awareness and generate donations while I play. The more people we get involved with this, the more successful it will be. I ask that you guys help spread the word about these charitable organizations. If you know anyone who enjoys playing video games and would like to get involved by streaming their gaming on our Twitch.TV channel, please refer them to our Facebook or Twitter page. Thanks!

Other video gaming charitable organizations you can get involved with:

Would you like to get involved with a video games charity in other ways? Let us know below.

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