South Florida eSports

The primarily goal of this website is to bring local gamers together in a social setting. We host gaming competitions as well as social gatherings in an effort to connect online gamers face to face. If you are interested in competitive gaming or meeting local gamers in the South Florida area please register on the mailing list and you will be notified of new upcoming events for the games such as these and more:

  • Valorant
  • Overwatch
  • FIFA
  • NBA2K
  • Mortal Kombat X
  • Super Smash Bros
  • Street Fighter V

Highly Recommended Gaming Deals

I’m not cheating – I’m using Headphones

Sex with no love is like music with no bass - and audio with no headphones is a disgrace! If you like watching movies, playing video games, or just listening to music, you NEED to invest in a pair of headphones. The quality difference in audio, especially in video...

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South Florida eSports is lagging behind

South Florida eSports is struggling to keep up with gamer demand - we need more leagues, events, and diversity in games. South Florida is filled with gamers. Wherever you go, you are almost guaranteed to meet people interested in video games. Florida eSports is on the...

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Video Game Inspired Songs / Nuff’s Playlist Plug

This episode of Nuff's Playlist Plug is comprised entirely of video game inspired songs. Most celebrities nowadays seem to be involved with video game culture in one way or another. For example, Drake playing Fortnite with famous twitch streamer - Ninja. Some of these...

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Video Game Millionaires, how they make their money

The gaming industry has grown to the point where a dedicated, funny, and possibly skilled player could join the millionaires of video games. Don't let your parents tell you otherwise! Competitive gaming is becoming more  acceptable as a sport. Recently, a Heroes of...

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Video Games Charity, making a difference through gaming

Video games charity is now a thing thanks to the gaming industry dominating entertainment audiences for years now. According to an article on published in December 2011: "...the global video-game market was worth around $56 billion last year. That is...

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Does video game experience make you a better survivor

Countless hours shooting rifles, solving puzzles, and coordinating with other players online. Research has been conducted by Forbes as to whether video game experience should be placed on resumes when applying for jobs (See here). However, what if the stakes were...

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Video Games for a better brain

It sounds like my investment in video games hasn't just been for fun - I been training! I vote that they force people to play some Call of Duty for a week straight before handing them a drivers license. With so much video game research focused on how the violent games...

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eSports Growth Accelerates

Alex Rodriguez, Shaquille O'neal, and Magic Johnson are only some of the professional athletes getting involved in the biggest and newest sport: Competitive Video Gaming or eSports (Electronic Sports). This past Monday, the Philadelphia 76ers along with a group of...

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Stop complaining about paid DLC (Downloadable Content)

If you feel like you are being sold an incomplete product, that won't be the "complete experience" until the DLC comes out months later, then you either wait or buy another game. No one is forcing you to buy video games. If you aren't familiar with DLC (downloadable...

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Warning: You Will Need Warranty on Your Playstation 4

If you do not maintain the extended warranty on your Playstation 4 there is a good chance you will end up regretting it. When you buy your PS4 you get a year of manufacturer warranty. After having a pretty bad experience with my console, I would definitely suggest...

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