The role of the war journalist is an important one. They are the investigators who are willing to risk their life in order to shed light on something so messy and complicated as war on foreign soil.

Michael Yon is a former Green Beret who left the army after killing a man in a bar fight (in self-defense) in the 1980s. After ending his military career he worked as private security for different clients, including a gig as Michael Jackson’s private security detail. He eventually gravitated into a role as an experienced war journalist. His past experience in the military has given him the ability to embed himself with our troops on the battlefield and tell their story.

These are like your Grandpa’s old war stories…except they aren’t that old and there are pictures. If you have not yet done so, I recommend you take a read of his most popular war story¬†Gates of Fire. This war story is action packed and shows the human condition of our troops in a way that most war movies fail to do. Combat journalism is the rawest form of reporting. Mike Yon is on the front lines, with our soldiers, telling their story. Enjoy!

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